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Martha Jones in the 50th? Nope.

On a slightly more depressing note, Freema Agyeman – the actress for the Doctor’s companion Martha Jones in Series 3 of New Who – has recently confirmed that she won’t be showing up for the 50th Anniversary special. Aww!


In a series of tweets the actress posted yesterday on her Twitter account (https://twitter.com/FreemaOfficial), Freema said the following:

Looks like the hopes of all of the new companions meeting have been shattered! It’s a shame. This doesn’t exclude the possibility of the different Doctors meeting up (this is a must have) and other companions jumping in. If you scroll down a bit you’ll see that recently John Barrowman confirmed there’s definitely been talks about his involvement.¬†However friends, not all is doom and gloom. Freema also had this to say:

I can go with that! After all, she’s made a comeback multiple times, and I think there’s still an opportunity for her to return in the future. (With Mickey? Hmm.)

So, I’m interested in what you guys think. Will Martha be missed? Do you think her last appearance in “The End of Time” wrapped her story up and gave a good conclusion to her arc? Comment below!

One response to “Martha Jones in the 50th? Nope.

  1. Kenny Adams (@oddzuki) March 5, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Makes me sad really. Martha was one of my favorites and would love to see her interacting with a younger, free spirited, slightly off kilter Doctor! Their dynamic would be awesome!

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