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The 11 Biggest Unanswered Questions in the Whoniverse

Doctor Who has spawned hundreds of original, mysterious and fantastic story arcs in it’s 50 years, but there have been a lot of questions that have gone unanswered.

So, in parallel to the Doctors 11 regenerations, we’ve listed the 11 biggest, along with our thoughts on the matter!

  • 11 – What happened to Madam Kovarian?

Ok, so since Episode 1 of Series 6 that crazy ‘Eye Patch woman’ known as madam Kovarian played a huge part in the Series story arc and we ultimately saw her death in the alternate timeline in The Wedding of River Song, yet due to time being restored, that death never happened. So she is still out there somewhere, sure the Doctor is dead (in her eyes) but does she really just stop there, with the Silence still lurking about and a whole army at her disposal, we would have thought she would be causing more trouble. We also find it odd she’s let Amy and especially River get on with their lives in peace. With so many questions from Series 7 alone to be answered, it’s doubtful we will find out what happened to her in the correct timeline any time soon, but with the question (that must never be answered), about to be answered, it’s hopeful we will see the silence once more, and perhaps her? That’s if the Silents didn’t kill her after their mission was successful!

  • 10 – Who was the Woman in the Shop?

In the Bells of St John we see Clara ring the Doctors TARDIS, something only done once before during Nines life, when he was with Rose. Now apparently she got this number off a woman in the shop, who said it was the best number in the universe. Now the first thought I had was Rose, she spent a lot of her time (before travelling with the Doctor) working in a shop and spent several monologues complaining about it and even threw in a joke about it when she had her goodbye with 10. So it’s most likely to be Rose, especially with the 50th coming up and her confirmed return to the show (and while not exactly evidence, it does a seem a very Rose-y kind of thing to say, “best number in the Universe”). However it could always be River Song, who is returning in the Series finale!

  • 9 – What happened to the Silence?

So we saw the Doctor ‘defeat’ the Silence in the opening two part of Series 6, using their own mind controlling abilities against them, causing a revolution. This leading us to think they are dead and done with, but that’s clearly not the case, we see a silent spying on the Doctor and company during their picnic in Utah and then again kidnapping River Song in the 51st Century, while we know they have a TARDIS replica, perhaps meaning they traveled from 1969 to modern day earth and once again to kidnap River and bring her to 2011? We just feel that they wouldn’t hide away after the Doctors death, yes it’s their main objective to kill the Doctor (one they believe to have gained) but they are pretty ruthless and evil, so would they really just back off and let the humans live on? There’s definitely been no mention of them or Silence falling in Series 7 so far. But with the question about to be answered in the finale, and the curious enemies within that episode, it’s looking good that we may see them. But who knows?

  • 8 – Ok, Cyber or Cybus?

The Cybermen, the Doctors second biggest foe and a threat to all of the Universe, have become iconic villains in the show, but we have had a lack of them in the new Series. Apart from a decapitated Cyber-head in the Series 1 episode Dalek we have seen nothing of the Cybermen from Mondas in the revived Series. Yes, its implied the Cybermen seen in a Good Man Goes To War and Closing TIme were Mondasian simply because they lacked the C, but we find that hard to believe, and with the on screen confirmation of their origin, it’s impossible to know!

The idea of a parallel universe with a brand new set of Cybermen is a clever one, and worked great in Series 2. We just wish they stayed dead after The Next Doctor. They seemed to be utterly defeated, with no survivors, but they they randomly appear in the Pandorica opens (WITH THE C!) and again in Series 6, with a whole fleet! Now please can we stop and ask how we got from  no survivors, to thousands of Cybermen in spaceships?!  And it’s a little annoying to give them identical designs to the parallel versions.

We desperately hope Niel Gaimans upcoming Cyberman episode will answer the question of what Cybermen is what and if the Mondasian have returned? With a brand new and rather awesome design in the Series 7 episode, Nightmare in Silver, it’s looking like the classic cousins of Earth are set to return. Here’s hoping!

  • 7 – Who’s TARDIS replica was that?

In Series 5 we saw Craig living under a TARDIS replica, that was abandoned by it’s owners, causing the automatic pilot to test humans to fly the ship, but none could handle the stress of the controls and burned up but luckily Craig, who wanted to stay exactly where he was caused the ship to malfunction, eventually leaving the planet. We get no answer as to who it belonged to. That however seemed to change in the Series 6 two parter opener when we see the Silence with the machine, the Doctor spotted this but we never found out if they simply stole the ship (as they mentioned that they simply instruct people to build for them) or if they actually made/own it, or if it is even the same one seen in Series 5. I wonder if we shall ever know?

  • 6 – Will we ever see the Valeyard again?

The Valeyard, the Doctors evil side in pure form, who is somewhere in between his 12/13th incarnation according to the Master. Yet we have had no indication of his return. We saw him attempt to steal his past incarnations regeneration’s for himself extending his life. A wonderful idea that could be easily re explored through the Doctors grief we see through out new who, a possible future dream lord, the meta crisis Doctor (though we hope not!) or simply the 12th/13th Doctor after a heartbreaking event.

We see no sign of his return in New Who, and probably won’t during Moffats reign. However the Doctor did mention him and his uncertain future in the PS3/PSP/PC game The Eternity Clock. We really hope he returns, while it’s true it would seem strange to have the main character of Doctor Who as a antagonist, he could always be a Doctor from an aborted or alternate Universe?  Either way he can always return, and we hope he does eventually.

  • 5 – Who is the Shopkeeper

If you watched the Sarah Jane Adventures, you will know that the Shopkeeper plays a rather big role in the later series of the show, a very mysterious character and a servant of the universe, who is said to put things in their correct place. He firstly requited Sarah, Clyde and Rani to travel in time and return three objects to him. Then he left Sarah Jane a baby, who would become Sky and live with her, he stated that she would know who he is in good time, but with the death of Elisabeth Sladen we never saw who he was. He was set to return in the finale of Series 5 of SJA.

He is a brilliant character and it’s a huge shame we never found out who he was. There’s always a place for him in Doctor Who, perhaps recruiting the Doctor to help aid him, an episode that would be great to explore the death of Sarah Jane.

  • 4 – What was in the Doctors Room?


A classic Moffat mystery! In The God Complex, we see characters finding their biggest fears in their individual rooms, on board the prison holding a Minotaur  We see the Doctor find his room (11) and when opened it, we don’t see what is inside, but we do however hear the Cloister Bell and the Doctor say “Who else”? before leaving a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the handle, usually signalling something… romantic, is going down. This leads us to think it’s River? He may fear her upcoming death in the Library more than anything else, also the fact she’s the ‘child of the TARDIS’ would explain the cloister bell. It’s likely we will find out but who knows when!

  • 3 – Who is Clara?

Clara Oswin Oswald, the girl twice dead. She has appeared in three different time zones, dying twice. Once on the Dalek Asylum after being converted into a Dalek and sacrificing herself for the Doctor and once again in Victorian London, after the Ice Governess pulled her off the cloud leaving her to fall to her death. Yet the Doctor, a genius time lord, failed at finding any evidence of her being anything but a normal human girl, as did the ‘psychic’ Emma Grayling who assured the Doctor she was just “a girl”. So how can she be in three different time zones? There are hundred of theories and we have a lot of our own, which we will post soon. Is she a echo created by the TARDIS to help the Doctor ‘remember’, as he does seem to be losing his memory, or maybe she simply can not die but also can not remember her past lives? Maybe she is a trap or trick like the Doctor worried about in JTTCOTT.

  • 2 – Who blew up the TARDIS?

On 26/06/2010 the TARDIS exploded, with the Doctor trapped in the Pandorica thousands of years in the past, River trapped within the TARDIS, Amy seemingly dead and Rory an Auton Duplicate, it was a very scary moment when we felt all was lost. After solving the problems and restoring time with Big Bang 2, the Doctor reminds Amy & Rory that the Silence are still out there and much is left unanswered. While Moffat does reveal who the Silence are in Series 6, we receive no answer as to who took control of the TARDIS and blew it up. It seemed at the time it was the Silence but after seeing them we realize the voice in the TARDIS saying “Silence Will Fall” is clearly a rather nasty individual, not the Silence. While it’s a good guess it’s Great Intelligence who (in an early draft of The Doctors Wife where House was the GI) can take over the TARDIS, so perhaps he can also blow it up? But that leads us to ask why? Is he that determined to kill the Doctor he would destroy all life? It’s two series later and three years of wondering, we still have no answer.

  • 1 – Doctor Who?

What else was it going to be? The biggest question of all time in the show and the most mysterious. Who is the Doctor? What is the ancient time lords name and why must it never be known?

We see a rather chilling scene with Dorium revealing the question to the Doctor, the question that must never be answered, that inspired the silence to end the Doctors life before he reached Trenzalore and tells his name, which will take place in a matter of episodes, the finale of Series 7. Moffat assures us that it’s no trick and it’s honestly going to be revealed, but if any writer of Doctor Who can both answer and not answer a question, it’s good old Steven! There’s a huge split in the fandom as to whether it should be answered, something that has inspired protests in London! But if you like it or not, it seems the the biggest question any whovian can think of… is about to be answered.

Do you agree with this list and what other questions would you like answered? Let us know below!

8 responses to “The 11 Biggest Unanswered Questions in the Whoniverse

  1. p jackson February 6, 2014 at 10:51 am

    yeahhh they were pretty good questions & answers but still we don’t rightly know what is the drs real name ,,,although he uses john smith as an alias ,,,,hmmmm

  2. Anonymous May 2, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    How is it that The Doctor has a grand daughter named Susan? Has the lineage ever been explained?

  3. Beckie King May 2, 2013 at 3:30 am

    It was the Doctor in room 11, the biggest giveaway for that was Amys Choice, it was the Doctor all along, who does he hate the most? Himself. Maybe the thing he fears the most is himself, Destroyer of Worlds, On Coming Storm?

  4. YouKnowWhoIAm May 2, 2013 at 2:13 am

    River accidentally blew up the TARDIS. That wasn’t a TARDIS. Mysteries solved

    • Joe May 2, 2013 at 8:17 am

      Mysteries not solved! River didn’t actually blow up the TARDIS, she just happened to be trapped inside, within a time loop. It was an external force who said “Silence Will Fall” that actually blew it up, but we don’t know who that is, yet.

      And as for the TARDIS replica, the Doctor himself said someone’s been trying to build a TARDIS.

  5. surly dave ryan (@ddryan) May 1, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    The TARDIS in Craig’s flat was by the Silents. They had them in the 60’s.

    • Joe May 1, 2013 at 9:13 pm

      They definitely had the ship, or perhaps their own individual one, but there’s no confirmation as to whether the ship in Series 5 belongs to the Silence, as they are known to encourage others to build things for them.

      So they could have stole it, but hopefully it’s the Silence’s ship after they were defeated, rendering it pilot-less, causing it to reside in 2010 looking for a new pilot.

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