The Biggest Unanswered Questions in New Who

Doctor Who has spawned hundreds of original, mysterious and fantastic story arcs in it’s 50 years, but there have been a lot of questions that have gone unanswered. So I’ve listed the five biggest, along with my thoughts on the matter!

  • 5 – What happened to Madam Kovarian?

Ok, so since Episode 1 of Series 6 that crazy ‘Eye Patch woman’ known as Madam Kovarian played a huge part in the Series story arc and we ultimately saw her death in the alternate timeline in The Wedding of River Song, yet due to time being restored, that death never happened. So she is still out there somewhere, sure the Doctor is dead (in her eyes) but does she really just stop there, with the Silence still lurking about and a whole army at her disposal, we would have thought she would be causing more trouble.

  • 4 – Who’s TARDIS replica was that?

In Series 5 we saw Craig living under a TARDIS replica that was abandoned by it’s owners, causing the automatic pilot to test humans to fly the ship, but none could handle the stress of the controls and burned up but luckily Craig, who wanted to stay exactly where he was caused the ship to malfunction, eventually leaving the planet. We get no answer as to who it belonged to. That however seemed to change in the Series 6 two parter opener when we see the Silence with the machine, the Doctor spotted this but we never found out if they simply stole the ship (as they mentioned that they simply instruct people to build for them) or if they actually made/own it, or if it is even the same one seen in Series 5. I wonder if we shall ever know?

  • 3 – Who is the Shopkeeper

If you watched the Sarah Jane Adventures, you will know that the Shopkeeper plays a rather big role in the later series of the show, a very mysterious character and a servant of the universe, who is said to put things in their correct place. He firstly requited Sarah, Clyde and Rani to travel in time and return three objects to him. Then he left Sarah Jane a baby, who would become Sky and live with her, he stated that she would know who he is in good time, but with the death of Elisabeth Sladen we never saw who he was. He was set to return in the finale of Series 5 of SJA. He is a brilliant character and it’s a huge shame we never found out who he was. There’s always a place for him in Doctor Who, perhaps recruiting the Doctor to help aid him, an episode that would be great to explore the death of Sarah Jane.

  • 2 – Who’s voice was that?

On 26/06/2010 the TARDIS exploded. While Moffat does reveal who the Silence are in Series 6 and reveals that Madam Jovarians faction blew up the TARDIS we still have no answer to whose voice declared “Silence will fall!” in the 2010 finale, even if it was just some strange sounding general (a fan of Omega?) it hasn’t been addressed.

  • 1 – Doctor Who?

What else was it going to be? The biggest question of all time in the show and the most mysterious. Who is the Doctor? What is the ancient time lords name and why must it never be known? Do you agree with this list and what other questions would you like answered? Let us know below!

8 thoughts on “The Biggest Unanswered Questions in New Who

  1. yeahhh they were pretty good questions & answers but still we don’t rightly know what is the drs real name ,,,although he uses john smith as an alias ,,,,hmmmm

  2. It was the Doctor in room 11, the biggest giveaway for that was Amys Choice, it was the Doctor all along, who does he hate the most? Himself. Maybe the thing he fears the most is himself, Destroyer of Worlds, On Coming Storm?

    • Mysteries not solved! River didn’t actually blow up the TARDIS, she just happened to be trapped inside, within a time loop. It was an external force who said “Silence Will Fall” that actually blew it up, but we don’t know who that is, yet.

      And as for the TARDIS replica, the Doctor himself said someone’s been trying to build a TARDIS.

    • They definitely had the ship, or perhaps their own individual one, but there’s no confirmation as to whether the ship in Series 5 belongs to the Silence, as they are known to encourage others to build things for them.

      So they could have stole it, but hopefully it’s the Silence’s ship after they were defeated, rendering it pilot-less, causing it to reside in 2010 looking for a new pilot.

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