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Smith, Tennant & Hurt on TARDIS (Improved)

So you may have noticed this image of the three Doctors from the 50th Anniversary leaked a couple of days back.


It is the first glimpse we have of 10, 11 and Hurts Doctor together in what seems to be in 11’s latest TARDIS. The image is in pretty bad quality so we enhanced it as best we could without sacrificing to much of the imagery.


Does this get you even more excited for the 50th?
If so you may be interested in the popular rumor that today we see the Trailer for the 50th on BBC One after the Proms! It may just be that, a rumor, but keep an eye out all the same.

One response to “Smith, Tennant & Hurt on TARDIS (Improved)

  1. jacko August 26, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    yeahhh well looks pretty cool. but hurts dr is a bit old for the last 3 dr,s in other words the dr goes from young to old & young again ?????? huh ….

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