Magpie Electricals – References

Magpie Electricals, a shop that provides televisions, seen in The Idiots Lantern has been referenced throughout Doctor Who, let’s explore where!


In the audio story Hunters of Earth the 1st Doctor visited Magpie Electricals to purchase components to help repair his TARDIS!

River Song’s scanner was manufactured by Magpie Electricals in Day of the Moon

It appeared when the Doctor visited several websites at Donna Nobles wedding on a Mobile Phone in 2007, in The Christmas Invasion

In 2008 Martha Jones had a Magpie-brand television as seen in The Sound of Drums

The alien cruise liner Titanic had a Magpie-brand microphone in Voyage of the Damned

Wilfred Mott had a Magpie-branded television when he sold newspapers on Christmas Eve 2008 as seen in Voyage of the Damned

In 2009, Sarah Jane Smith’s computer was a Magpie Electricals brand, in The Mark of the Berserker

In The Undertaker’s Gift Torchwood Three had an old Magpie television. 

In the Eleventh Doctors (first) TARDIS, The monitor, typewriter, keyboard and a control were Magpie Electricals products. Seen in The Eleventh Hour and onwards

A device in the console room was Magpie’s Electricals brand and was labelled Type V 310 A. Vincent and the Doctor

In the 33rd century, on Starship UK, Magpie’s Electricals was still existant. Seen in The Beast Below.


Did we miss some? Let us know!


5 thoughts on “Magpie Electricals – References

  1. In the new animation of Power of The Daleks the Magpie Electricals logo can be clearly seen on several pieces of electrical equipment in the Vulcan colony. I doubt it would have been in the original episode, most likely an easter egg added by the animators for a bit of fun…

  2. in the beast below when there in a hole in the road and amy goes in the tent covering the road
    there is a big sign above it that has the magpie logo
    also the wire was at a magpie electronic shop

  3. Knowing the production crew over all these years it has to be an anagram. “Magpie Electricals” The words “time” and “space” are in those letters, also the phrase “time escape” without “space”. I’m stuck at that point though. Any ideas anyone?

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